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Workshop Bad Gastein Photo Tour

Kosten€ 599,–
Teilnehmeranzahl1 Personen
StandortBad Gastein:
KursleiterNiklas Siemens (Fotograf)

3-tägiger Fotografie-Workshop in Österreich

Dieser Workshop findet von 27. bis 29. Semtember 2019 statt und ist in Kooperation mit Niklas Siemens. Sämtliche folgende Beschreibungen wurden von dem Fotografen zur Verfügung gestellt. 

Tucked away in the mountains of Austria there is a near-forgotten town called Bad Gastein which is slowly waking up again from a deep sleep. The area is one of my favorite places to go, offering lush green valleys, refreshing alpine lakes and impressive mountain ranges. I have witnessed some of my most beautiful sunsets and clearest night skies around here. During the workshop, we will be staying in a mountain hut on the highest grass mountain in Europe and together we'll see to some of the most photogenic places Austria has to offer. I will sharpen and hone your photo skills, whilst teaching how best to plan your own outdoor adventures. Join me on this one of a kind photo tour in the mountains of Austria!

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Our 3 day schedule

Day 1
Meet in Bad Gastein at 12 noon and briefly talk about what we will be doing the next days. After a short drive to the beginning of the hike we gear up and start our 2h hike to reach Gamskarkogel mountain at 2467m height and our hut for the night. Up on the mountain top we will be out during golden hour and sunset, then have dinner and if the weather is good we will do some Astrophotography at night.
[ Meals included: Dinner ] 

Day 2
Early wake up call to get out during blue hour and photograph the sunrise from up on the mountain. After breakfast we will descent on a different route down to Bad Gastein. Approximately 4h of walking with a stop at Poserhöhe and lunch afterwards in Bad Gastein. We will see the town with its waterfall rushing straight through for a bit and then drive to the end of the valley in Sportgastein. Exploring the area before having dinner in our next mountain hut and doing another night photography session. Sportgastein is one of the darkest places in Austria with close to zero light pollution which makes this a perfect place for taking photos of the night sky.
[ Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner ] 

Day 3
Getting up before sunrise to photograph the mood in the valley with good chances on some low fog turning the whole place in a mystic world. After breakfast we will be driving back to Bad Gastein from where we will do a 3h hike to Reedsee Lake to see the perfect reflection and mountain hut. A 2h descent afterwards and then one last lunch together summing up what we have learned and experienced before the workshop is officially over in the afternoon. Happy to help you with advice on where to go next if you want to stay a few days longer.
[ Meals included: Breakfast ] 

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